And this is why I don’t gamble.

Fantastic predictions from me on today’s games. I said this: “Flacco reminds the world that he is still a rookie from Delaware.” Which of course, he did, by becoming the first rookie QB ever to win two playoff games. Great job by the Ravens to prove me wrong with a hard-fought 13-10 victory.

And a prediction on the game in Carolina which included a final score of 34-14 and a guess that it would include a garbage TD after most of the country had gone to bed. So what did we get? An almost perfectly scripted 33-13 game that included a late garbage TD by the losers. Too bad that I whiffed completely on which team would do the whupping.

I can’t even begin to put this into proper historical perspective. All you need to know about the franchise that began in Chicago, moved to St. Louis, and finally settled in the Valley of the Sun is that in its previous 88 years of existence, the team had won exactly 2(!) playoff games.

Having doubled that number already this post-season, the Cardinals are now on the cusp of hosting an NFC Championship Game next week with a little help from the Eagles on Sunday. Unbelievable…

More thoughts on the weekend’s games in my next post. And sticking with the football theme, ran across a good critique of the best & worst contract signings during 2008. Remember this the next time your favorite team is looking at free agent WR’s.


~ by acm213 on January 10, 2009.

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