Don’t Believe The Hype

You will hear a lot of noise in the coming weeks regarding a new paradigm in the world of live entertainment.  Live Nation has (mostly) broken free from Ticketmaster and is promoting the availability of tickets through new channels, including their website and select Blockbuster locations, for many events in the upcoming summer concert season.

A point of emphasis for Live Nation will be to distance themselves from the negative association that many consumers have with the worldwide leader in event ticketing.  Do not assume that their efforts to paint a happy face on this “new ticketbuying experience” will have a positive impact on your wallet, however.

This is a complex issue and Phil Gallo at Variety provides fresh analysis in his column this week.  This stood out for me: “…in Live Nation’s case, when fees are equal to or surpass those of the competition, it appears to be a new-found profit center is being tacked onto the money paid to the artist. When box office operations are under one roof, shouldn’t the fees be reduced?”

For good ongoing perspective on the state of Live Nation, scroll through the archives of the excellent Lefsetz Letter.  Heck, you should bookmark this site anyway for his regular rants on the music industry at large.

It will be very interesting to see how the live entertainment industry fares in the face of a stuggling economy.  Just don’t count on Live Nation bailing out consumers with affordable concert tickets anytime soon, despite whatever public relations spin you may hear to the contrary.


~ by acm213 on January 13, 2009.

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