Make your vote count

And now for something completely different.  And entirely superfluous. 

As any football fan will tell you, sometimes the announcers are as important as the matchup.  USA Today is conducting an unscientific survey of NFL broadcasters in the following categories:

* Best game analyst
* Best play-by-play announcer
* Best game announcer
* Best pregame host
* Best pregame show
* Best NFL “insider”
* Best sideline reporter
* Best dressed announcer

While everybody knows where the best pregame show resides, the rest of these are interesting to weigh in on.  To vote (and view current results), click here:

Best dressed?

Best dressed?


~ by acm213 on January 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Make your vote count”

  1. Andy. Love the blog. Learn to have your links pop up in a new window/tab. That would make me happy 🙂

    * Best game analyst: Aikman
    * Best play-by-play announcer: Michaels
    * Best game announcer: Collinsworth-papa (yes i get NFL Network)
    * Best pregame host: Brown? (i’m usually at church)
    * Best pregame show: Fox (sure why not)
    * Best NFL “insider”: Glazer
    * Best sideline reporter: I wanna kiss you suzy…. (how is she not in here?)
    * Best dressed announcer: ? Whatever

  2. Fantastic! I like the picks. Working on the new window/tab option. Appreciate the feedback…

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