We’re from the town with the great football team

We are now four days away from kickoff.  Even the voice of Sunday Night Football isn’t ready to make a prediction.

But there is one point to which no one will argue.  Steelers fans are obsessed.


And will provide a sizable home-field advantage for Pittsburgh on Sunday waving their Terrible Towels.  For extra motivation, they are already in an uproar over this video of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon “disrespecting” their hallowed piece of cloth.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has been asking fans to upload photos showing their passion for the Steelers and over 1000 (and counting) have shared their love of all things Black ‘n’ Gold for the world to see.  A few of the most notable are profiled here, including one fanatic who explains his tattoos of Lambert, Bradshaw, Bleier, and Roethlisberger to go along with the bedtime reading of Steelers rosters with his fortunate son.

Conversely, the state of Cardinals fans can be summed up with the sad tale of “The Birdman” in this entertaining comparison of the two fan bases from this week’s Phoenix New Times.

The Super Bowl tickets will make their way into the hands of Steeler Nation one way or the other.  And hopefully, NBC’s production will give us a taste of the inequity of support for (and its effect on) the two teams during the game.


~ by acm213 on January 28, 2009.

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