“Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage?”

The beverage wars really bore me.  Check out this unintentionally hilarious Pepsi ad from the 1980s, this bizarre Coke ad from Australia (featuring music by Jack White), or this 7up “taste test” ad to get a quick reminder of the amount of money that is spent every year promoting carbonated beverages.

But here’s the funny part.  Coke vs. Pepsi?  Obey your thirst?  Never had it, never will?  Whatever.  For the most part, the major beverage companies are really good at marketing and really bad at creating compelling soft drinks.

Like most things in life, a little exploration will lead you to some pretty interesting places.  And I’m about to clue you in to a soda that will grab you in a way the others can’t.

I’m talking about a little brand out of Milwaukee, WI known as Sprecher.  And, specifically, their remarkable root beer.


Yes, the beverage invented by Charles Hires and introduced to the public in 1876 at the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition has been perfected and will make you wish you had never wasted all that time with inferior swill.

Start with the product description for Sprecher Root Beer Soda: This truly old fashioned soda has the rich, creamy flavor that only comes from using pure Wisconsin honey direct from the combs. Our extracts are prepared at the brewery in a hand-made, gas-fired brew kettle, by combining honey, pure vanilla and a host of aromatic botanicals. The dark, honeyed brew will build a delicious, frothy head when properly poured into a frosted mug.

Not persuasive enough?  Well, how about this?  The New York Times recently tabbed Sprecher as its #1 root beer when in search of a frosty mug.  And Imbibe Magazine provided Sprecher with its only 4-star rating in its recent root beer taste test.

Where can you get your hands on one of these 16 ounce bottles of goodness?  Well, lucky for you, Sprecher will take your order online and ship it (not to mention 6 other colas and sodas) directly to you. 

Or, if you are feeling adventurous, contact one of their nationwide distributors who can direct you to a retail location.

And, of course, should you find yourself in Milwaukee, take the tour.  This brewery is the real deal and I can’t even properly put into words the amazing quality of their beer.  Needless to say, you will find yourself taking your sweet time sampling all of it.

No, I do not work for Sprecher.  Never met anyone who worked there, either.  But trust me on this one.  Step outside of the norm and you will never go back.  It’s worth the effort.

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~ by acm213 on February 4, 2009.

3 Responses to ““Mind if I have some of your tasty beverage?””

  1. Don’t forget the official acme eclectic soft drink, Vernors.


    I think I will have to go out and get a six pack. I would describe the taste as a cross between ginger and oak. It packs a woody punch!

  2. Good call! I highly recommend the Boston Cooler.


  3. […] may recall that I always prefer a good Sprecher root beer when imbibing the carbonated stuff, and I acknowledge that Pepsi’s probably not worried about […]

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