Free to you and me


I suppose that it’s not exactly a revelation that there is a lot of free music floating around the interweb.  I make no judgments, but I do suggest that you make yourself aware of the latest legal developments and security concerns associated with file-sharing.

I can, however, offer a different kind of revelation for those of you interested in exploring new music that mainstream radio has no interest in — yet.

There are a few public radio stations across the country that are feeding up a “Song of the Day”, generally available for download and podcast.  I have great respect for the music departments at these stations that are genuinely interested in uncovering new artists and delivering those to music fans without the constraints of commercial radio.

I’ve provided links to some of the best nationwide –

KEXP 90.3 FM (Seattle)

KCRW 89.9 FM (Los Angeles)

KUT 90.5 FM (Austin)

The Current 89.3 FM (Minneapolis)

Each station’s “Song of the Day” rotation includes a little flavor of the local market, as it should be.  But you will find emerging artists from around the world featured on a daily basis.  Each of these stations also present in-studio performances that are generally available for download and that periodically serve as material for that day’s offering.

You’ve got nothing to lose by subscribing or visiting these sites daily.  You might even (gasp!) find some new music that doesn’t yet sit on the shelves of Best Buy or WalMart.

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~ by acm213 on February 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Free to you and me”

  1. I already get the KCRW song a day, so I can vouch that it’s a brilliant thing. Glad to know that there are more places out there which will fill up my iTunes without a charge. Thanks for this!

  2. […] while back ae posted about great free music.  Specifically free Song of the Day downloads.  If you have a radio station that offers these you […]

  3. […] previously clued you in on four public radio stations nationwide with Songs of the Day from a multitude of interesting new artists as well as a post that reviewed more legal, free ways […]

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