Toxic assets

With all this talk of “toxic assets“, my mind as a sports fan wanders to some of the worst offenders – of course, I am referring to the ever-popular NBA “expiring contract“.

In a nutshell, these expiring contracts are valuable so that bad teams may use the value of that contract in the future to sign more players to bad contracts.  Got it?  Good.

Now why is this relevant today?  The NBA trade deadline is upon us.  Teams are down to the final 72 hours or so before the official deadline of Thursday at 3pm ET.

And a few of the most egregious expiring contracts are sure to be dealt before then.  In advance of the deadline, one has already been moved in last week’s deal that brought Shawn Marion‘s expiring $17.8 million contract to Toronto.

Keep an eye out for Raef LaFrentz, who has not played one minute for Portland this season while earning his $12.7 million, as a lock to be traded.  Of course, the Blazers know that a team with an eye out to use that salary slot in the future will be more than happy to pay him out while he rides the bench (or, more likely, paid to stay home).

Raef LaFrentz earning his $12.7 million

Raef LaFrentz earning his $12.7 million

There are other storylines out there, including the likely dealing of Phoenix’s superstar Amare Stoudemire. Marc Stein of speculates on Stoudemire’s future and other trade options in his column today.  Ian Thomsen of takes the unpopular opinion that this week’s deadline will turn out to be a lot of noise about nothing.

Personally, I hope that there is some action this week.  The dog days of the NBA season are upon us, and some action on the trading market would spice things up as we await the inevitable Lakers-Celtics matchup in the NBA Finals.  Which, by the way, are still almost four months (!) from commencing.


~ by acm213 on February 16, 2009.

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