Got Milk?

It’s Oscar night – and a majority of the post-event analysis will undoubtedly (and justifiably) focus on the little movie that could, Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire, and its seven additional Oscar awards earned this evening.

Great story that it is, I can’t think of a more important development than the latest Oscar earned by Sean Penn for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in the autobiographical Milk.

Penn is working towards defining himself as the pre-eminent actor of his generation. High praise, of course, with multiple award winners like Tom Hanks and Daniel Day-Lewis still perfecting their craft.

Awards, however, only provide partial perspective. The reality is that Penn’s movie choices have been, and will continue to be, certain to spark greater discussion of his subject matter for those on both sides of the issues.

I repsect the artist who longs to leave a mark with his/her work. So many in Hollywood find themselves building castles in the sand.

Sean Penn is not perfect by any means. Nobody in Hollywood is. But his involvement in a project essentially marks it as a must-see event.

And, whether in front of the camera, or behind it (as in the excellent Into The Wild), Penn captures the essence of his material in a way virtually unmatched by his peers.

Hard to believe that the five-time nominee and two-time Best Actor winner originally made his way into the American consciousness playing sad-sack surfer Jeff Spicoli, in need of nothing more than “some tasty waves and a cool buzz.”

"I'd like to thank the Academy for my 2nd Oscar.  Now, let's go catch a wave!"

"I'd like to thank the Academy for my 2nd Oscar. Awesome, dude!"

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~ by acm213 on February 22, 2009.

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