Stop this man before he forms another band

OK, Jack White.  We hear you.

Jack White

Jack White

It took a few years, but your White Stripes have made an undeniable impression on modern music.  All good so far.

And, when you wanted to leave your partner Meg behind and jam with a few buddies as The Raconteurs, it seemed like a natural progression.

But it’s time to let the music breathe a little bit.  You can’t make us miss you if you never go away.  And maybe it’s time to go away for a little while. 

It could have been the ill-advised Bond theme that signaled a turning point in your career.  Or maybe it was the lame White Stripes “reunion” on Conan’s last show that raised eyebrows.

Or perhaps it’s this latest news that you have formed a third band to showcase your new Nashville headquarters.

The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather

In all reality, there’s a good chance that The Dead Weather will work.  Drawing talent from The Kills and Queens of the Stone Age is a much more acceptable move after the strange dalliance with Alicia Keys for that Bond duet.

And, yes, you have earned the right to manage your career anyway you choose.  But please give us a sign (and soon) as to what your career will be. 

The choice is yours – iconic musical figure whose very involvement in a project signifies its significance, or just another overly prolific talent whose body of work suffocates under the weight of an ego that believes that every time you cough into the microphone brings musical magic.

If you’re interested in Jack White’s “coughing” (and drumming), check out The Dead Weather’s debut album, Horehound, on June 9th.

And please, Jack, no more new bands.  Though another album with the White Stripes sounds like a great idea.

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~ by acm213 on March 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “Stop this man before he forms another band”

  1. i’m more concerned that he do something with that dumbass haircut!

  2. I think you know why he keeps forming other bands. He gets tired of hearing Meg’s ham-fisted drumming.

  3. oh snap! (though i disagree…)

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