“One of the few working democracies in the world today”

Ever heard of Gary Lee Weinrib?  Not likely to ring a bell. 

But if I said Geddy Lee, I expect that more than a few of you would immediately identify him as the lead singer of the classic Canadian rock band Rush, still releasing albums 35 years after their debut.

Rush (circa ???)

Rush (Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart, Geddy Lee) - circa 19??

This month finds the release of the band’s latest compilation, Retrospective 3, which compiles their best material of the last 20 years.

I have to admit that I haven’t paid much attention to the band recently and am more likely to recognize lyrics from a song like The Trees than anything off this retrospective. 

Yet, there is no denying that Rush has a unique backstory and an amazing capacity for survival in an industry that eats its own.

Geddy Lee highlights his lighter side in this recent interview with Entertainment Weekly

Good stuff – insight into Rush’s appearance last year on The Colbert Report (the band’s first American TV appearance in over 30 years) and Lee’s love of The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.

Skip over the other links if you must, but at least treat yourself to some classic Rush.  A little Limelight is good for the soul.

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~ by acm213 on March 19, 2009.

One Response to ““One of the few working democracies in the world today””

  1. This article points out the real problem with print media these days. I am a big Rush fan and was pleased to see Geddy in my Entertainment Weekly that I get delivered to my house. Unfortunately, the article is about 1/4 of the internet piece. Why should I subscribe to the print EW when it is an abbereviated version of the real article? I now know why all of these newspapers are going out of business. It costs money to print on paper and the bigger the article, the more paper and ink. Pretty soon, magazines will consist of all ads with a two sentence article about Brad Pitt.

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