Desert Wrap

I’d love to provide a comprehensive review of everything there was to experience this past weekend in the desert.  But I’m tired.  And not apologetic about it either. 

That’s what happens when you soak up everything from Friday afternoon’s We Are Scientists set to Public Enemy‘s blowout closer on Sunday evening.  It was a fantastic three days that lived up to expectations fitting for a 10th anniversary.

So as we say goodbye to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival for another year, I’ll leave it to the professionals to wrap it up nicely for you. 

Coachella 2009

Coachella 2009

The locals at The Desert Sun do a great job of recapping the festival every year and they came through again at

The not-quite-as-local Los Angeles Times also allocates the proper amount of resources to cover this world-class festival in their backyard with their Pop & Hiss

And the staff of Coachella regulars Spin Magazine offer up a nuanced view of the weekend’s festivities with their opinions of the best & worst from each day.

I will say this – while there were no transcendent experiences this year (ala Pixies in 2004 or Arcade Fire in 2005), there were some great, great moments.  Leonard Cohen & Fleet Foxes on the Outdoor Stage at sunset on Friday & Saturday, respectively, come to mind.

Fleet Foxes @ Coachella (Apr 18, 2009)

Fleet Foxes @ Coachella (Apr 18, 2009)

And, while I highly recommend reading through some of the coverage in this post and elsewhere, the pictures and text will not put the experience in proper perspective. 

Just think of every festival you’ve ever been to – and then wipe those thoughts completely out of your mind.  Because this is nothing like that.

Hope to see you out there next year.  I’m certainly planning on going 11 for 11 myself.

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~ by acm213 on April 20, 2009.

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