Go ahead, Google yourself

Ah, we are living in narcissistic times, are we not?

It seems that everybody wants to be somebody.  And you’re nobody unless you can find yourself on Google.  Or at least that’s what Google is happy to let you believe.

In this Time Magazine article, “Why Google Wants You To Google Yourself”, learn how Google is giving you a “bit more control” when searching for results on yourself. 

What’s the catch?  Well, of course Google would like to know much more about you (and me and the other 6 billion people on this planet).

So go ahead – if your name is Michael Jordan or Julia Roberts and you are not to be confused for your celebrity “twin” or John/Jane Doe and you just need the world to know that you exist, by all means get your information out there.

Just remember that “Big Brother isn’t just watching you — he wants to know your superpower and the name of your childhood pet.”

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~ by acm213 on April 25, 2009.

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