NFL Draft hysteria is (thankfully) over

OK, I apologize for that slightly misleading headline. The fact of the matter is, though I enjoy the machinations of the NFL Draft as much as anyone, the insane interest in it threatens to kill what made it most enjoyable in the first place.

There is just too much hype leading up to it now and way too much analysis before and after by too many talking heads who have no clue what they are talking about.

I’ll cut through the morass and give you four places to look for some insight on how your favorite (or least-favorite) team did this past weekend.

Both SI’s Peter King (in his Monday Morning Quarterback) and The National Football Post’s Michael Lombardi (in his Diner Morning News) offer notes on each team’s draft without the needless grades. 

After all, how in the world can you grade a draft when none of these guys have even played a snap?  Give a draft at least 3 years to breathe before you start assessing the quality of work by each team’s player personnel department.

But, if you insist upon letter grades to provide that instant analyis, then there are only 2 charts to review. 

One is compiled by the uber-informed Rick Gosselin of The Dallas Morning News.  For the record, his top two grades go to Houston (A+) and Arizona (A).

And then of course, there is the master – Mel Kiper.  Nobody can compete with his depth of knowledge on all things draft-related and his status as the ultimate “draft guru” is indisputable.  Of course, one could argue that he is at least partially to blame for the proliferation of so-called draft experts polluting the stream, but it cannot diminish his greatness or the importance of his analysis.

You've Got Mel!

You've Got Mel!

Mel also likes the draft results from the Texans and Cardinals, but provides his top grades to Green Bay and the New York Jets (full list below):

(A) – Green Bay
(A-) – New York Jets
(B+) – Arizona, Buffalo, Houston, New England, San Francisco
(B) – Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Cincinnati, New York Giants, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Tampa Bay
(B-) – Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia
(C+) – Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Minnesota, San Diego, Tennessee, Washington
(C) – Carolina, Denver, New Orleans, St. Louis
(C-) – Kansas City, Miami
(D) – Dallas, Oakland

Of course, as relevant as draft performance is, it also represents only a portion of the work necessary for NFL teams to guarantee playoff football.  I heard it said this week that improving a roster is a 365-day-a-year obligation and I couldn’t agree more. 

Sports fans – let’s allow this draft to slowly fade into our rearview mirrors and focus energies on something else for the next 136 days, until Thursday, September 10th. 

The real grades will be earned on the field starting that night (opening night for the NFL), when Pittsburgh begins defense of its Super Bowl title against Tennessee at Heinz Field.

And with that, I leave you with a recap of all 256 picks.  All the way to Mr. Irrelevant himself.

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~ by acm213 on April 27, 2009.

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