The growing legend of Stephen Strasburg

Boy, is it ever refreshing to see storylines in Major League Baseball evolve that have nothing to do with the Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees.

As obvious examples, it’s the Philadelphia Phillies who reign as defending World Series champions, this week’s Sports Illustrated cover boy is the Kansas City Royals’ Zack Greinke, of all people, and the hottest name on the tongues of baseball fans nationwide is actually a college pitcher out of San Diego with no chance of winding up with either of the two highest-salaried teams in MLB (at least, not for many years).

If you are a baseball fan and have not yet heard of Stephen Strasburg, I suggest that you get hip – and quickly. 

Stephen Strasburg

Stephen Strasburg

The ace pitcher from San Diego State University is drawing nationwide attention, including these two excellent features from Kurt Streeter in the LA Times and Scott Miller at

It looks like the hated one, Scott Boras, will be representing him as a pro but the good folks at Bleacher Report make a good case as to why the Washington Nationals, holding the first pick in the draft, must draft and sign him at any cost.

Should they inexplicably decide to pass, the Seattle Mariners (at number two) or hometown San Diego Padres (at number three) are sure to snatch him up.

Read up on how the guy once nicknamed “Slothberg” has transformed himself into a veritable superstar with a 102 mile-per-hour fastball and a current strikout-to-walk ratio of 135 to 12.  Even his manager, MLB Hall-of-Famer Tony Gwynn says, “Once you see him, you’ll understand. This guy pitches.”

In case you missed the news, MLB’s First-Year Player Draft is moving to prime time on the MLB Network.  Strasburg will be hearing his name called shortly after the commencement of the draft on Tuesday, June 9th at 6 p.m. ET.

Exciting times to see more examples of new blood sprucing up the league. 

If those 5-hour slugfests between the BoSox and Yanks are your thing, go ahead.  As for me, I’d like to see the other 28 teams do their best to box both of those teams out of the headlines for a while. 

Apparently, I’m not alone.

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~ by acm213 on April 30, 2009.

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