Still Moving

I ‘m not much for hyperbole, but it’s hard not to get excited about the greatest export out of Louisville since Cassius Clay.  The object of my fascination (and that of an ever-growing number of music fans) is My Morning Jacket.

The safest description of their sound might be “alternative country-rock”, but the band has shown an almost endless variety of musical styles and influences on the first five studio albums of their burgeoning career.

In celebration of the band’s rise from 2002 to 2008, The Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City is presenting a six-week exhibition of what they are calling 21 “Iconic, Career-Spanning Images” of the band by photographer and filmmaker Sam Erickson.

Click here for more information, along with a slideshow of the photographs in the exhibit (scheduled to debut May 22nd).

My Morning Jacket (from Sam Erickson's Still Moving exhibition)

My Morning Jacket (from Sam Erickson's "Still Moving" exhibition)

New York City is where the band kicked off 2009, with an epic New Year’s Eve show at a sold-out Madison Square Garden (available for legal download here).

And the band’s live show, which in my humble estimation is among the finest of any of this generation, can also be sampled through two additional live EP’s released this calendar year – the itunes exclusive Live at the Palms along with Celebración De La Ciudad Natal, now available digitally and originally commissioned for Record Store Day.

Then go back and check out the live concert film Okonokos when you get a chance for the full A/V experience.

If nothing else, I’ll leave you with the best intro to this band that I can think of – One Big Holiday.  Enjoy!

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~ by acm213 on May 3, 2009.

One Response to “Still Moving”

  1. ow can u forget louisvilles best export!? pat forde! barf.

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