Late Night Pancake Puppies

So how do you turn that staid American institution, Denny’s, into a “hip hangout” for youngsters?  Well, obviously you hire some hip, young kids who would never think about eating there to remake your image.

On the heels of their highly visible (and successful) Super Bowl commercial and free breakfast campaign this past February, Denny’s brings you the Allnighter.


Time Magazine covers all the angles (including a very enlightening accompanying 4 minute video) in their recent feature, “Rocking Out at Denny’s?”  Turns out that Denny’s has started playing alternative music in the wee hours at their joints to go along with their sponsorship of more than 30 bands which “get free meals on the road as long as they occasionally head to Denny’s for a postshow jam session.”

What do I know about some of these bands like Me Talk Pretty, The Maine, or La Secta Allstar?  Not much, but I do know that more and more “baby bands” will be taking the once-derided corporate route to increase their exposure.  The labels just don’t have the influence or the ability to break bands anymore.

And it’s pretty low-risk for Denny’s.  Not to be crass, but a good portion of Denny’s customers aren’t going to be around many more years to enjoy the Grand Slam Breakfast or the Moons Over My Hammy.  So why not update the menu with Kickin’ Flavor Wraps & Pancake Puppies?  Maybe the kids will find it and, if not, at least you made the effort.

I still don’t see myself eating there anytime soon – at least not unless Pearl Jam, Ben Harper, or the Foo Fighters decide to take the money and start popping up in Denny’s around the country for acoustic performances and some late night dining.  Stranger things have happened, I guess.

If this thing actually takes off, score one for the marketers.  If not, expect history to expel it to the barrel of bad ideas involving American restaurant chains – led off, of course, by this.

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~ by acm213 on May 9, 2009.

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