Where Conspiracies (Probably) Do Not Happen

So the NBA can stand up tonight and proudly point to the Orlando Magic’s 103-90 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers and claim no conspiracy in action.  “See,” David Stern & Co. might say, “no Cavs in the NBA Finals proves once and for all that the conspiracists need to shut their traps.”

And, yes while it is true that the seemingly inevitable Kobe Bryant-LeBron James finals matchup will not happen this year (effectively turning this ad campaign into a latter-day version of this memorable ad campaign), the absence of Cleveland does not diffuse another festering conspiracy – that, of course, being the likelihood that LeBron will take his ringless fingers to New York to join the Knicks in that franchise’s long quest to return to the throne as NBA champions. 

That scenario would send hearts in the NBA’s New York offices a-flutter and could happen as early as July 1, 2010 if (when?) LeBron pens his signature on a free agent contract with the Knicks (supplementing his lost Cavaliers income with a huge bump in his Nike earnings).  Keeping Cleveland out of the Finals would actually then seem to serve a higher purpose.  Hmmm…

But I’ll play along and skip the conspiracy theories for the moment.  Orlando deserved the crown of 2008-09 Eastern Conference Champions.  Dwight Howard carried the superior team into what promises to be an even better series against the Western Conference Champion Los Angeles Lakers. 

Dwight Howard thinks that the Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic have four more wins to come

Dwight Howard believes that the Eastern Conference Champion Orlando Magic have four more wins in their future

LeBron’s day will certainly come (in Cleveland, New York, or elsewhere) but if he’s at Staples Center for Thursday’s Game 1 tipoff (6pm on ABC), he’ll need to buy a ticket just like the rest of us.

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~ by acm213 on May 30, 2009.

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