Street Art’s Thoughtful Star

“Graphic art makes a difference.”

So says Shepard Fairey, known worldwide for that graphic art and quickly becoming one of the most notable spokesmen for that elusive group known as Gen X’ers.

And he’s right.  You may not know the man’s face or, possibly, his name (yet), but you certainly remember this difference-making Fairey image:


The Obama image had everyone talking last year.  And, despite Fairey’s recent arrest in Boston (his 15th arrest for street art in his 39 years), he remains in demand to provide more insight into what makes him tick. 

And, this week, in one of the better interviews you’ll see with the straight-shooting Fairey, The Onion’s A.V. Club caught up with the pride of the Rhode Island School of Design (Class of 1992).

Fairey discusses his philosophies on copyright law, street art, the Internet, and this classic, career-defining André The Giant image:


If you’re buying what he’s selling, check out OBEY: Supply & Demand – The Art of Shepard Fairey along with the latest work of his Los Angeles-based Studio Number One.

Tough to say when the next iconic Fairey image will reveal itself.  But, whether you’re a fan or a hater, you can pretty much guarantee that his influence will continue to be felt with great impact in the years ahead.

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~ by acm213 on June 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Street Art’s Thoughtful Star”

  1. yeah….i think the following makes it tough to argue about what Fairey is:

    My vote: Fraud. Plagiarist.
    Unfortunately …i think its easy to say when the next iconic Fairey image will reveal itself. Its already out there, fairey just has to find it and copy it.

  2. Jeremy – that link is a jaw-dropper. Thanks for bringing that to the acme eclectic forum. I have big issues with Gen X that I’d like to take on in a future post – let’s just say that it seems fitting that someone with the “pedigree” of Fairey would be one of the top spokesmen for Gen X.

  3. I eagerly await the gen x commentary :). I think there are real identity issues facing gen x and gen y…(even as they seem to blend together) that i think are really manifest in their art, music, literature, etc. Its certainly a weighty topic to tackle.

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