The NBA’s czar of inconsistency

It’s not that Stu Jackson will ever satisfy everybody.  It’s just that he really isn’t satisfying anybody these days.  So it goes for the NBA’s Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations. 

Stu Jackson, the NBA's czar of discipline

Stu Jackson, the NBA's czar of discipline

And it seems that Jackson has gotten more press than almost anyone in this year’s playoffs as the flagrant fouls keep adding up and his office rules haphazardly on the “appropriate” punishment for each of them.

Ken Berger of, for one, does not understand the rationale for Jackson’s decisions and uses last night’s game-ending flagrant foul of the Lakers’ Pau Gasol by the Magic’s Mickael Pietrus to make his case.

Berger points out that Jackson has reclassified at least 14 flagrant calls or non-calls on the court after his next-day video review during this postseason.  And his point that there is seemingly no consistency behind the reclassifications is well taken.

While I personally don’t believe that any further action need be taken on the Pietrus foul, there is no question that something is seriously wrong with a league that can’t seem to manage the activity of its best players during the course of game action. 

The league is finally planning to put together a formal explanation of flagrant review criteria before the start of the next season and, hopefully, that will put some dent in this madness.

As great a player as Kobe Bryant is, I certainly don’t make a habit of quoting him regularly.  But he gets the final word on this one: “I think it’s something that must be addressed in the offseason, because it’s just all over the place.”

Can’t say it any better than that.

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~ by acm213 on June 12, 2009.

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