The “Best” of the Worst

The Kevin McHale era is over in Minneapolis, and not a moment too soon for long-suffering Timberwolves fans.  That is assuming, of course, that there are still any NBA fans left in Minnesota.

Kevin McHale, right, will no longer be responsible for the careers of Kevn Love, left, and the rest of his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates

Kevin McHale, right, will no longer be responsible for the career of Kevin Love, left, or the rest of his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates

McHale had previously been stripped of his duties as vice president of basketball operations after joining a long list of sports superstars who failed miserably in helming franchises after their playing days.  His official jettisoning as coach today was a much-needed breath of fresh air for an organization that needs to start anew without the burdens of the past.

But since McHale will be remembered most for his architecture of the Wolves’ bad drafts, trades, and free agent signings, it is fitting that he is prominently featured in’s feature of “Good Players, Bad Personnel Men”.

There can be no arguments with any member of this list, which also includes such recent disasters as Matt Millen & Isiah Thomas to go along with a few historical figures who set the standards for incompetence in the front office by former athletes.

Check it out and shake your head wondering why owners with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake would turn over the keys to the franchise to these guys in the first place.  While Jerry West and a few others may prove the exception to the rule every once in a while, the correlation between playing success and player personnel success is clearly not there.

Los Angeles Clippers G.M. & Head Coach Mike Dunleavy knows all too well what I’m saying.  Hey “Dumbleavy”, you’ve got next!

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~ by acm213 on June 17, 2009.

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