Goodbye, Dallas – Hello, Buffalo

Ah, summer is in full effect.  And that means, of course, that NFL training camp is just weeks away.

Every team’s fans want to believe in their chances this time of year.  And not many need that blind faith more than Buffalo Bills fans.  It’s been a decade since the team said goodbye to Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, and Thurman Thomas – stalwarts of the roster that led the Bills to four Super Bowl appearances in the 1990s.

Despite the memorable Super Bowl failures, that era represents a dream now for a franchise that hasn’t seen the playoffs since that 1999 season.

So, as the saying goes – desperate times bring desperate measures.  And the marriage of Terrell Owens to the rabid fans of Buffalo, Ontario, Canada (er, New York) is the definition of desperate.

Lucky for Bills fans, T.O. has already gotten all of his apologies for the 2009 season out of the way during this “press conference”.

And, while he continues his extraordinary search for a rental in the Buffalo area during the upcoming season, Bills fans can breathe a sigh of relief that he will be heading to New York soon as he is saying goodbye to the home of his most recent employer this week.

Tomorrow night’s “Farewell Party” (link courtesy of will provide Owens a chance to “Thank You for the Love” to the people of Dallas.  Just remember that the dress code (Classy & Sexy Only) will be strictly enforced.


Yes, believe it or not, there are just 82 days until T.O. makes his official debut as the Bills travel to Gillette Stadium on September 14th for a Monday Night Football opener against the New England Patriots. 

And, yes, life will prove interesting for those following the fortunes of the Bills this season.  Don’t make those postseason plans yet, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.  For better or worse. 

But whatever you do, please, as native son Vincent Gallo portrayed so dramatically in the epic Buffalo ’66, continue to stay classy & sexy.  After all, T.O. clearly has a reputation to live up to.

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~ by acm213 on June 24, 2009.

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