Third Time’s The (Free) Charm

It’s fun to share the wealth of free music available on the web.  Sure, one may argue that there’s no point in taking the time to find new music legally.  But I would disagree vociferously.  The music that is supplied to various sites for the purpose of discovery is like opening a new gift everyday.

You can read all you want about new releases, but sampling the music and listening to it on your ipod or in your car is the only way to decide for yourself which artists are worth your time.  And once you weed through the variety of new releases hitting the Internet every day, then seeking out more, whether in concert or through whatever means you acquire full-length releases, becomes a much more viable chore.

I’ve previously clued you in on four public radio stations nationwide with Songs of the Day from a multitude of interesting new artists as well as a post that reviewed more legal, free ways to discover and download new music.

In addition to bumping those posts, today’s revelations include the free MP3s available daily from Magnet Magazine.  Not only does Magnet provide download links to an “MP3 at 3pm” every day, but various other posts include download links from virtually anyone and everyone in alternative music.  Well worth the bookmark to keep up on new acquisitions for your music library.

Keeping the free music theme alive, NPR has also gotten in on the game, teaming up with the Newport Folk & Jazz Festivals and itunes to give away two distinct 12-song samplers (through September 30th).  Nothing to sign up for and nothing to pay – just 24 tracks from artists as diverse as Fleet Foxes, Billy Bragg, Pete Seeger, The Bad Plus, and Dave Brubeck.  Many of the artists are scheduled to perform at the events in Newport, Rhode Island over the next month.  Can’t think of a better way to promote the event than to give some music away.

Hope you enjoy the links – if you do nothing more than check these out regularly, you could build up a nice musical library quickly.  I don’t know what the next iteration will be for the music business, but right now this is a nice little groove for anyone willing to take the time to set up a few bookmarks and a couple minutes out of their day to use that right-click to “Save Target As” all of this legally free music.

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~ by acm213 on July 15, 2009.

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