Updates from the Superunknown

It’s truly almost unfathomable to recognize that over 12 years has passed since Soundgarden called it quits.  These guys had a remarkable career, rising out of the Seattle scene with their unique blend of “alternative heavy metal”.

Soundgarden (Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Chris Cornell, Ben Shepherd)

Soundgarden (Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Chris Cornell, Ben Shepherd)

Yes, the “grunge” label can certainly be applied too, but there probably isn’t a true musical descriptor that can do justice to a decade’s worth of recorded material that still sounds great to this day and has outlasted almost everything else that came out of the Pacific Northwest during those heady times.

The notable exceptions, of course, are Nirvana and Pearl Jam, the latter of which gladly brought Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron into the fold after Soundgarden’s demise.  Like Cameron, Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell has been particulary busy in the post-Soundgarden years, both with the solid Audioslave and working on his (ahem) solo career.

But founding member Kim Thayil, one of Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Guitarists of All-Time, has been mostly quiet since the breakup.  Short of a Soundgarden “semi-reunion” this past spring at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe (joined onstage by Cameron, former Soundgarden bassist Ben Shepherd, along with vocals by Seattle legend Tad Doyle, and contributions from a giddy Tom Morello), Thayil has intentionally stayed out of the spotlight.

But in this interview with Rolling Stone, Thayil discusses the past, present, and future of the band.  Don’t count out a reunion, but it’s not looking imminent.  The good news is that Soundgarden is about to unleash a treasure chest of rarities, with B-sides, live performances, and remixes to be compiled in a box set.

The news from Thayil follows up on Rolling Stone’s recent interview with Cornell, who also confirmed the pending release of the set.  Hey, if Rolling Stone wants to bang the drum to keep Soundgarden’s music in the news, then I’m going to bang the drum with them. 

I don’t expect any freshly recorded material, and I’m not even sure that I would want that at this point, but it sure will be great to hear what they’ve stored away all these years.

And, if the reunion concept ever does pick up steam, how about a headlining appearance at Coachella?  I’d love to see the same stage that has hosted the latter-day, re-formed versions of the Pixies, Rage Against The Machine (and so many others) welcome this great band back to the spotlight. 

They might just Blow Up The Outside World.

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~ by acm213 on July 21, 2009.

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