You Play To Win The Game

In today’s NBA, rare is the team that actually plays for a title.  Then again, maybe there’s little reason to even make the attempt.  After all, check out the list of All-Time NBA Champions

Specifically, over the last 30 seasons, the list of winners looks like this:

Los Angeles Lakers – 9 titles
Chicago Bulls –  6 titles
Boston Celtics – 4 titles
San Antonio Spurs – 4 titles
Detroit Pistons – 3 titles
Houston Rockets – 2 titles
Miami Heat – 1 title
Philadelphia 76ers – 1 title

Outside of these 8 squads, there are only a few (Cleveland, Orlando) close enough to potentially find themselves on an updated list within the next five years.

But that little team in Texas, the Spurs of San Antonio, looks to add a title or two to its resume after the great off-season that they have put together.  It may be a little early to start thinking about roundball, but Johnny Ludden of Yahoo! Sports caught up with Spurs’ coach Gregg Popovich to discuss the Spurs’ recent remodeling job and the financial commitments that the team took on to stay competitive.

"Pop" calls for the next generation of Spurs

"Pop" calls for the next generation of Spurs

As Ludden says, “no West team has done more this summer to improve its title prospects” and Spurs fans hope that additions like Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, and DeJuan Blair can bring another championship or two before the Tim Duncan era fades into the sunset.

Kudos to the Spurs for playing to win.  For the majority of those other franchises that seemingly are always playing for tomorrow (or, more likely, to keep expenses down), I ask the question: Why are you even in the game?

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~ by acm213 on August 8, 2009.

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