Get a sneak peek at Backspacer

I recognize that Pearl Jam means something different to music fans everywhere.  I’m not going to apologize for being in the camp that maintains that their relevancy has continued in as strong a fashion over the last 10 years as it did over the first 10 years of their career.

The fact alone that Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, and Mike McCready have hung together for the last 20 years as a core unit speaks volumes to the chemistry that these guys maintain after a point when most bands have splintered.  Fortunately, the sound has evolved during that time – even if mainstream music fans often see the band only referenced as a “grunge era” relic.

The release of a new Pearl Jam record is still a major event in the world of acme eclectic.  Backspacer will be released on September 20th, and the band recently posted a 10-minute promotional video through myspace to allow fans to preview the new songs “Just Breathe,” “Got Some,” and “The Fixer” as well as viewing footage of the band in the studio and around Seattle.


Backspacer will be released on September 20th

This 9th studio release is the shortest in length of any of their studio albums to date and the band, at least, seems to believe that it is their tightest.  I have no illusions that Backspacer will be the best of those albums (in my mind, that honor will always go to Yield), but I also have no doubt that it will be a fantastic rock album that supercedes almost anything else in the genre released this calendar year.

Of course, these songs will breathe best once performed live and the band keeps adding dates to give you that opportunity once Backspacer is released. 

There are bound to be more Pearl Jam updates as the year progresses and you’ll have to indulge my interest.  I only hope that it helps spark yours.  But don’t let me tell you about it – go check out the new music and decide for yourself.

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~ by acm213 on August 18, 2009.

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