Time to get educated on net neutrality

So many issues, so little time.  Hey, we’ve all got real world issues – things like families, jobs, bills, fantasy football draft preparation.  Wait, did I say that last one out loud?

But, really, with all of the daily activity that we pack in, it can be hard for anything remotely political to register anything more than soundbites into our psyches.

There is, however, one issue creeping into the political dialogue that probably deserves the attention of anyone who considers themselves a moderate or heavy user of the Internet – and that is the issue of “net neutrality”.

I do not consider myself an expert on the topic, but it did catch my attention when FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced last week that “this FCC will support net neutrality and will enforce any violation of net neutrality principles.”

net neutrality

David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times brings the issue to the forefront in his column today, referring to the issue as “a debate over whether the companies that own the pipes through which data flow can dictate terms to the websites that originate the data.”

Pretty heady stuff and a discussion that appears to still be in its infancy as new policies will be formed moving forward.  Educate yourself and make your own determinations, but don’t wait until it is too late to let your voice be heard. 

For a great overview, be sure to check out the Guide to Net Neutrality published last year by PBS’s MediaShift.

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~ by acm213 on August 30, 2009.

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