Planning your next trip to the middle of nowhere

I’m no world traveler, though I have had the opportunity to see more than a few interesting places in my time.  Daydreaming takes me away to all corners of the globe, and there’s almost no place in the world that I would not like to see before my time has come. 

No destination, however, has recently captured my attention more than the remote island of Tristan da Cunha after coming across a small story in Parade Magazine this week.  It’s really nothing more than a “fluff” piece, a quick overview and first person narrative by author Simon Winchester.  But I highly recommend that you do check out his tale of Life on the World’s Loneliest Island .

Who wouldn’t want the experience of visiting this “lingering possession of the British Empire” that is home to a scant 269 residents?  Especially once you find out that it is located over 2000 miles from the coast of Brazil and almost 1750 miles from the nearest coastline of South Africa.

With a single settlement, Edinburgh-of-the-Seven-Seas, and one harrowing way into the island’s tiny harbor, the six days of sailing to reach the destination are just a small part of the experience.  The fact that most of us would wonder how or why we could live on Tristan while the island’s inhabitants can’t imagine living anywhere else is the real story that needs to discovered.

An aerial view of Edinburgh-of-the-Seven-Seas

An aerial view of Edinburgh-of-the-Seven-Seas

The odds of a visit are low, but tourists do make it to Tristan da Cunha – as this accompanying slideshow (with help from Dawn Repetto, the island’s Tourism Officer) would indicate. 

And if you’re ready to add a trip to this remote island to your future travel plans, be sure to check out the official website of Tristan da Cunha for even more details.

Fascinating stuff – and well worth the few minutes to educate yourself on this little island treasure out in the middle of (literally) nowhere.

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~ by acm213 on September 2, 2009.

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