Did You See That Celebration?

Did I see that celebration?  Why yes – yes, I did.

Actually, the celebration at home plate at Milwaukee’s Miller Park after Prince Fielder’s walk-off home run gave the Brewers a 2-1 victory in 12 innings over the San Francisco Giants is one that every sports fan needs to see.

Agree with it or not (and Giants bench coach Ron Wotus is among the many who definitely did not), this celebration just accelerated the creativity-meter in baseball to degrees heretofore unseen.

Prince Fielder announcing his spot in the baseball celebration Hall of Fame

Prince Fielder announcing his spot in the baseball celebration Hall of Fame

That picture above should stoke your interest, but you really must click here to watch the video to get the full effect.

It’s been a tough year for the Brewers, so it is good to see the genuine camaraderie of a team that has been able to maintain its chemistry in the face of unfulfilled team goals.  Since most of those guys project to return next year, seeing a celebration like this provides cause to believe in their chances to rebound (with reinforcements) in 2010.

Of course, the flipside is that the unofficial code of baseball conduct does not allow celebrations like this to become silly season.  Just watch to see what happens the next time the Giants meet up with the Brewers.  Wotus’s bio on the Giants website calls him a “highly regarded baseball man” and highly regarded baseball men don’t suffer fools.

In a strange way, the Brewers just created a landmark moment with a choreographed celebration that was clearly over-the-top relative to anything that had ever preceded it (at least in MLB).  Will it set off a flurry of similar celebrations during this year’s playoffs?  Not a chance. 

Ah, but the impressionable youth will definitely take notice.  And once something like this has been noticed, the natural tendency is to repeat it and/or surpass it.

So remember today as the day that the bar was raised for on-field diamond celebrations.  For better or worse.

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~ by acm213 on September 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Did You See That Celebration?”

  1. was an awesome celebration! Like the blog. Check out mine. http://www.bleedinggreennation.com/

    Can you link into my blog?

  2. That was AWESOME. I love it. Prince is one of my fave non phils.

  3. link to bleedinggreennation. I frequent that blog for obvious reasons.

  4. As I watched this game live, I was actually embarrassed when I saw this celebration. I’m happy that the Brewer’s are still playing hard and having fun playing the game while trying to finish out a disappointing season, but this celebration was unnecessary. The Brewers are a sub .500 team going nowhere this season and this was disrespectful to a team who is actually in wildcard chase and had just taken the weekend series. I doubt the Brewers meant any disrespect, but it will be interesting to see what happens when these two teams face each other next season. I know the Giants won’t forget.

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