The King marches on

Happy Birthday to “The King”, Arnold Palmer, who celebrates his 80th birthday today.

Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer

In a great feature on, Adam Schupak catches up with Palmer in western Pennsylvania at Latrobe Country Club, where the Palmer legend began as his father worked as the club’s superintendent and golf professional and which Palmer bought in 1971.

Still spending his summers on the course where he grew up, Palmer is a regular presence at a site where “photos and trophies, plaques and crystals, have transformed the place into a museum”.

There are many who remember Palmer as golf’s first superstar.  Without question, Palmer and his legion of fans (“Arnie’s Army”) helped  transform golf into a mainstream sport that transcended its country club roots.

But even more important than a recount of his exploits is an acknowledgement of the attitude that drove him to greatness.  As Palmer points out in the FOXSports feature: “…you can do things sometimes you don’t think you can do. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

Golf’s penultimate performer, Tiger Woods, is no doubt an Arnie disciple who has crafted out the greatest career ever on the links blending that mentality with unbelievable physical blessings. 

But golf fan or not, Palmer’s philosophy is a wonderful life lesson and testament to why his fans remain loyal to him to this day.

So, on this day, treat yourself to some Arnold Palmer Tee and relive (or discover) his greatness by checking out the comprehensive review of the Palmer career (including countless tributes) at The Golf Channel and

And then check out Palmer’s priceless performance in this fantastic commercial for the 1974 line of Cadillacs.

They don’t make superstars like they used to, do they?

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