Give the drummer some

If you were breathing during the 1980s, then you have certainly formed your opinion about The Police

Me, I can’t speak more highly of the five studio albums released by the band (Sting, Andy Summers, & Stewart Copeland) in their all-too-short recorded history. provides a typically fantastic biography for those who missed the party.

But, honestly, after witnessing lead singer Sting’s solo career devolve into a wandering mess, perhaps it was for the best that the band called it quits when they did. 

And, in retrospect, the most interesting legacy will probably be left not by the most obvious member of the band but by that sly, goofy drummer who continues to be admired by musicians and music-lovers alike.

Stewart Copeland (photograph by Danny Clinch)

Stewart Copeland (photograph by Danny Clinch)

Stewart Copeland has a new autiobiography out – Strange Things Happen: A Life with The Police, Polo, and Pygmies – and he discusses some of the highlights in this interview with NPR’s Guy Raz.  Police fan or not, this should be a great read. 

Book clubbers, beware.  This one looks like it makes the cut.

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~ by acm213 on October 8, 2009.

One Response to “Give the drummer some”

  1. His book had me howling. It had been a very long time indeed since I’d taken out the old LP’s and tour shirts, but after reading this I remembered what an affable, funny kook he really was. The Police may have vaporized into thin air while straddling the top of the world but that only adds to the allure for me now. His solo and soundtrack work is impressive and I continue to keep an eye on him to see what he’s up to. Copeland rocks.

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