The kiddies wanna rock too

Have you checked out Ziggy Marley’s new release Family Time?  Or Peter Himmelman’s My Trampoline?  Maybe you’re waiting for Tuesday’s release of Dan Zanes’ 76 Trombones?

If so, you either have kids under the age of 10 or just enjoy some serious musicians taking on some family-friendly fare.

The Los Angeles Times has a nice feature today on how each of these established artists is leading a trend that is shaping a new sound for kids that includes not just “goofy props and colorful costumes” but other more subtle music geared to address a void in popular children’s music.

Himmelman puts it this way: “Somebody had an idea you’re going to make a kids record and dumb it down. Kids aren’t dumb. You’re never as intelligent as when you’re a kid. I try to be careful not to adopt this oversized adult posture. I’m writing exactly the same way as I write for adults, except I’m careful to write about subjects that children will have a context for.”

And, though it’s hardly a sensation that’s sweeping the nation (save for the few artists lucky enough to receive exposure on children’s television programming), a number of music festivals have worked to legitimize the music by including kids stages as a key element of their multitude of offerings.  Perry Farrell’s Kidzapalooza is but one example of the evolution of the “scene”.


Bottom line is that there is a lot of good music out there that should keep getting attention.  And I’m glad to see legitimately talented musicians taking on the task. 

Forget the stupid term “kindie rock”.  Focus on the artists like Zanes (the “daddy” of the scene?), proudly declaring, “I feel like I’m working at a much higher creative level than I ever have.”

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~ by acm213 on November 15, 2009.

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