Vultures Drop

Interested in a new release that includes Dave Grohl’s “whomping” drums, Josh Homme’s “desert-rat guitar” and John Paul Jones’ “nasty” bass?  Yeah – me, too.

And that means that today’s release of the self-titled debut from new “supergroup” Them Crooked Vultures is one to immediately run out and buy, download, or figure out how to get your hands on.

John Paul Jones, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl of Them Crooked Vultures. (Dustin Rabin Photography)

The descriptors of the respective Vultures in that first paragraph come from Rolling Stone’s 3 1/2 star review (and accompanying 4 1/2 star user rating).

And why wouldn’t it be getting great reviews?  Honestly, from the moment I heard of this project, I saw no reason that it wouldn’t work in a big way. 

Dave Grohl, ex-Nirvana and current Foo Fighter, is a life-long fan of Jones and Led Zeppelin (as evidenced by this funny recounting of his trio of Zeppelin tattoos).

And Grohl has worked with Homme in the recent past, memorably as the drummer in Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age for the amazing “Songs for the Deaf” album and tour.

You can’t fake chemistry and these guys have it – as evidenced by this interview with Steve Appleford of the Los Angeles Times that goes a long way toward revealing exactly why this is working.

Enjoy this collaboration while it’s hot.  Grohl and Homme will inevitably get back to their primary responsibilities soon enough. 

Nothing at all wrong with that, of course, but it’s always rewarding to get bonus material like this out of three artists committed to creating more great music in their lifetimes than any of us probably have a right to enjoy.  So go enjoy it already.

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~ by acm213 on November 17, 2009.

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