Buddy Holly Will Not Fade Away

Kevin O’Hare of MassLive.com calls it “the mother lode”.  Mike Ragogna of The Huffington Post calls it “the final and best statement on the music of Buddy Holly”

And you should call it yours – as soon as possible.

With today’s release of Not Fade Away: The Complete Studio Recordings and More from Hip-O Select (the fantastic internet only retail site specializing in reissues of hard-to-find and out-of-print titles from the Universal Music Group), you have every incentive to fill in the gaps of your collection in one fell swoop.

This is a limited-edition release, as Hip-O Select produced a scant 7000 copies of the box set.  Here’s the scoop, directly from their site, on what is contained within this fantastic compilation:

The great and highly influential Buddy Holly had a relatively brief three year professional recording career.  However, because of his enormous talent, enthusiasm for music, and the fortunate emergence of recording tape while he was quite young, we have been left with a vast recorded legacy of 203 tracks that fill out the six CDs of this new limited edition Hip-O Select box set, “Not Fade Away/The Complete Studio Recordings And More.” 

The 203 tracks range from his earliest recordings when 12 to 15 years old to demos with Bob Montgomery; from his earliest recordings with The Crickets and a set of garage recordings to his first studio recordings for Decca in Nashville; from the Coral and Brunswick recordings and hits that made him famous to his heralded apartment tapes.  There are 6 previously unreleased tracks, including most of an August 1955 session, plus another 11 recordings previously unreleased in the U.S.  Furthermore, all of the original, locatable undubbed original recordings are here as well as all 57 of the overdubbed versions recorded both in New York City and Clovis months and even years after the “day the music died.”  Many of these recordings are also hard-to-find or are making their CD debut, having only appeared on the 1979 LP/cassette box set.

The music on “Not Fade Away” is packaged in a yearbook size 80 page book, featuring numerous rare photos and session-by-session recording information.  There are also two sets of liner notes: “Legacy” by Billy Altman, which puts Buddy’s career in perspective, and “The Music” by Bill Dahl, a lengthy tome that traces the music session by session.   Consultant for this project is noted Holly historian Bill Griggs, with special thanks to Maria Elena Holly.   “Not Fade Away” was produced by Universal’s Andy McKaie.

We discussed Buddy Holly in depth here at acme eclectic on the 50th anniversary of his death and couldn’t agree more with the assessment of THP’s Ragogna who notes: “Buddy Holly is not arguably one of the most important chapters of and most influential figures in music’s recorded history, he simply is.”

Yes, a set like this is essentially for collectors only.  But figure out a way to collect one of these for yourself if you believe that great music is timeless. 

How many more shopping days until Christmas?  This is the type of gift that wish lists were made for.

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~ by acm213 on November 24, 2009.

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