Bad Is Great

How does Jeff Bridges not have an Oscar?

The 60-year old actor kills in virtually every role that he has found himself in during a career filled with iconic roles in 1971’s The Last Picture Show, 1988’s Tucker: The Man and His Dream, 1998’s The Big Lebowski (my personal favorite, as The Dude), 2003’s Seabiscuit and so many other performances that stand out (and stand the test of time) in his nearly 40 years of movie-making. 

But yet, despite four Oscar nominations, the man has not been so duly honored with an actual statuette.

And while it is likely that his claims that the matter is irrelevant are true, this may actually be the year that the tides turn.

He is a virtual lock for a 5th nomination for his buzz-worthy performance in the soon-to-be-released Crazy Heart (see the official trailer here).

Bridges, playing a washed-up country singer who goes by the name Bad Blake, appears to have found another perfect role to lose himself in completely while bringing the audience along for the ride.

Crazy Heart opens in limited release this week and will find its way to an art-house near you soon.  Go see it.

For a little added incentive, check out this Bridges’ interview in the Wall Street Journal and this USA Today feature.  Both recent pieces are a great place to start to get introduced to Bridges and reminded of his fantastic career.

Certainly, there will be additional press as the movie continues to open wide and as more get exposed to this little story that brings Bridges into the musical world for the second time in his career – the first being 1989’s The Fabulous Baker Boys – odds are good that movie fans will be referring to this movie and the role of Bad Blake as the one that gives Bridges a shot at cinematic history.

But don’t wait for critics to start anointing the role as laudatory before checking out Crazy Heart for yourself.  Remember that Hollywood needs to be reminded that we need more actors like Bridges and more movies for his ilk to spread their wings in.  Your vote – in the form of a ticket purchase – counts.

And should Bridges not win his Oscar, it doesn’t lessen his career in the slightest.  His resume speaks for itself.

As deep as the well has been over the years, it’ll be interesting to see how he looks to round out his career as he continues to maintain relevance for years to come.  Crazy Heart clearly shows that he’s still going strong as he starts his seventh decade.

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~ by acm213 on December 13, 2009.

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