Hired today – fired tomorrow?

Big day in Lawrence today as the University of Kansas introduced new football coach Turner Gill.

Of course, not everyone was excited about the prospect of Gill as the face of Jayhawk Nation’s gridiron program.

In fact, there is already a website out there to Fire Turner Gill.

What?  Really?

Fire Turner Gill? Wasn't he just hired today?

Here is the supposed “rationale” as to why the Kansas Athletic Department should immediately fire their newest hire:

Typically when a program fires a two-time Coach of the Year, a big name hire can be expected. Typically if a coach can’t win in the MAC, they won’t succeed in the BigXII. Well, the Jayhawks thought otherwise. How about a coach with a 20-30 overall record?

With all the great names out there for hire, [Athletic Director] Lew(ser) Perkins settled for a cheap, easy pick. This was a lazy attempt at a national head coaching search. If this administration wants to become a national program, make a national hire!

You can’t predict failure, but anyone can see this train-wreck coming.

So there you have it – it’s all so simple, isn’t it?

In actuality, Gill has been one of the hotter names in the college coaching ranks for a few years now, but why should that matter to Kansas football fans?

In fact, the world wide web has made the proliferation of similar sites a ridiculous trend.  The Sporting News’ Sporting Blog has an interesting piece on this today titled It’s Never Too Early To Hate Your New Coach.

Interesting to see fans, booster clubs, and even athletic departments buying up the URLs for a multitude of FireStateUCoach.com sites, with the coach’s name obviously filling in the blanks, as a pre-eminent strike against cybersquatters.

And the University of Iowa, which owns the domain name FireKirkFerentz.com, actually redirects to Iowa’s official athletics page anyone looking for the site that would attempt to tear down their successful head football coach. 

Solid work by an athletic department that understands that the “minimal investment” to facilitate the “act of courtesy” for the football staff can keep the carping and criticism at bay.

Let’s just state the obvious here – those who have nothing better to do than to manage these sites with genuine intent probably need to fire themselves.  Or find something else to do while living in their parents’ basement.

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~ by acm213 on December 14, 2009.

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