The best NBA GM not working today

OK, so Bill Simmons is not lacking for work. 

His Page 2 columns and podcasts for ESPN (Sports Guy’s World) are a must for every sports fan. 

His executive producer title on ESPN’s excellent 30 for 30 shows that he has a deeper understanding of ESPN’s core audience than his bosses – who have put their network ahead of many of the stories they cover, to the detriment of the games and the athletes themselves.

And his new book, The Book of Basketball: The NBA According to The Sports Guy, is a New York Times bestseller.  At 736 pages, you might still be working your way through it at this time next year.

But, truly, this guy was meant to be an NBA General Manager.  Simmons has campaigned publicly (though with tongue-in-cheek) on his blog and through ESPN for years.  Despite his unabashed love of the Celtics, he has an understanding of the game that could clearly and successfully be applied to any NBA team’s front office.

Exhibit A is this gift – today’s column, Page 2’s The VP of Common Sense – that Simmons gives to those who appreciate the NBA game off the floor as much (or in some cases, more) than the game on the floor.

Yes, it’s an intense read, but how can you not appreciate the depth of knowledge that comes through when Simmons gets serious about the game that he so obviously loves? 

Me, I’d take the college game over the professional game anytime.  But, it wasn’t always so and if there were more like Simmons who actually had a say in the state of professional basketball, there’s no reason that the NBA couldn’t find its way once again.

The man has serious comedic chops, which is essential in everything he touches, but maybe it overshadows his basketball expertise. 

Someday, an owner somewhere is going to take Simmons seriously.  And, if nothing else, the book about the experience will be amazing.

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~ by acm213 on December 23, 2009.

One Response to “The best NBA GM not working today”

  1. He couldn’t do any worse than these guys.

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